Electronic Pilot Logbook

Electronic Pilot Logbook 2.6

Electronic Pilot Logbook (new!) Developed by pilots for pilots. Commonly sold log software was in
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Electronic Pilot Logbook (new!)
This Electronic Pilot Logbook was programmed by pilots, who were extremely dissatisfied with commonly sold log software. The tested products were in our opinion either not very user-friendly or customizeable to fit specific requirements.
What makes this one special? This log is complete. It contains fields and reports for all FAA aircraft categories and classes, special fields for Alaskan pilots who need to log their flight time separately in order to satisfy insurance companies. IFR and VFR currencies (for all category and classes) as well as CFI Refresher seminars, Flight Reviews and Medical currencies as well as a completed FAA Form (Record of Pilot Time, 8710-1, Part III, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application) are just a one click away. What other log includes IPCs (Instrument Proficiency Checks)? Or fields for Amphibean aircraft? Or fields for endorsements or student names? There are a few more very helpful reports as well...

The software is a fully functional demo version, once you register, you will receive an unique unlock key which disables the demo restriction of 30 entries.

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